Signature Quilts / Quilt Signature

Energieke meneer Fasset

Image by DutchAstrid via Flickr

Today I wrap up the pineapple quilt. Then I  load it onto the table for quilting and start cutting the next quilt .  I’m running a bit behind. The first quilt is usually the hardest. I think I’ll start the floral diamond next. I love Kaffe Fassets’ and want to have that feel to it. I don’t have his feel for color but I’m not worried about that. I think and maybe I’m wrong, but just maybe that’s what we all bring to the table. Our different perspectives on color and style. I can look at his quilts and know his signature style, just as I can see a quilt from Marilyn Badger and see her hand in the quilting.

I don’t have a signature. All my quilts are so different. Maybe I need to step out of my box and do things that I want to see instead of doing things that I see? That’s a lot easier said than done though. Okay, I will try on the Batik bubble quilt, it’s one there is no pattern or example. I’ve seen something like what I’m trying to design but it may be an epic fail. But ya know failure can lead to success at least that’s what I keep telling my kids.

 I was notified yesterday that my aquarium is ready to be delivered. I am really jazzed! I can hardly wait, these things just don’t happen to me. My DH is as excited as I am. The gentleman at Petco has been so much fun to work with and I think he is even excited for me! I’m setting it up as a freshwater tank. Salt water is just too complicated for my simple mind. Besides I always wanted a Cichlid tank. I pronounce it Chicklet and that was really funny to Mr. Petco. But he knew what I meant so I must not have been the only funny southerner!

The rock will be black slate instead that brown you see


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