What makes a Rooster crow?

Rooster Black Bovan

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Have you ever wondered? We have a rooster, he was supposed to be a hen, and he lives outside the chicken house. I don’t let him near my girls. He started crowing last month. I had told my DH the day he crows is the day he dies. His name is Rodney so you know how much danger he’s in. Well I just have to laugh everytime he crows. It’s just funny. He has nothing to crow about yet he keeps on crowing. I mean he crows with GUSTO!Right now that’s how I feel about this blog. I have nothin… yet here I crow.

The problem I have with quilt patterns is that you have to follow them. I rarely want my quilt to turn out the exact same as the picture..so I change the colors and borders , and sometimes the only thing the same is the main block pattern. So it’s reasonable that I get confused especially when I don’t write alot of notes. This is where the majority of my mistakes come from.

My current quilt the Pineapple is a perfect example of  this. I noticed a mistake in the second row so I ripped it all out then three rows later I noticed I started the first row with the wrong color. That made me ill! At that point I was ready to throw in the towel but  I have plowed on. In fact no one would have even known had I kept that to myself. I could have intended it to be that way.

Some mistakes actually change the character of the quilt and this one is just like that.. it’s not bad just different. But, I didn’t plan it so it is still bothering me. And knowing that I wanted it to be different, I’m going to have to make another quilt the way I wanted this one to be. I did that with a bow tie quilt once and I ended up making three of them. It’s one of  my favorite blocks now.

This is one of the best parts of quilting. Even your mistakes can be pretty. Rarely does anyone know what you had planned, they only see the results. That’s what keeps me quilting too. Because I make alot of these type of mistakes and I mean ALOT! I wonder if I’m in the minority with this, of all the articles and books I’ve read I haven’t read much about quilts that change as you make them. I seem to write loads about mistakes and learning through them. Just maybe I should try actually following a pattern as it is written? Naw, that’s just not me!



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7 responses to “What makes a Rooster crow?

  1. He’s crowing because you keep him away from his harem. I bought to supposedly week-old hens, which grew up to be 5 hens and 5 cocks. The squabbling and sqawking was unbelievable. My son – then aged 9 – asked me why all the hens had muddy backs. We ate the cockerels soon after that.

    I rarely make a quilt completely to a pattern – I see something I like and go off in my own direction. Being incapable of drafting properly on paper, my designs are infinitely varied, and mistakes are rarely obvious to the naked eye! So you are not alone.


    • I’ve convinced my DD that that’s what roasters are… roosters who crowed… HAH! Though I still can’t seem to get it in me to kill the stupid bird!

      Wow! That’s one more on my side… the women in my guild all seem to follow patterns. I really thought I was alone!


  2. i can really relate with you about quilts that have a mind of their own.. I’ve made several that ended up way different than I envisioned them…. but always better, too. Keep up the good work.


  3. knitwitted

    O’ to make a mistake!! I’m an avid needlepointer and love my mistakes! To my credit, I am proud to boast I have had a few newly mistakenly made stitches named for… ta dah… Me!

    Enjoy your creativity! Dare to be stoopid!! 🙂


  4. I’m with you! I take liberties with quilt patterns. I seldom follow them in any case, but even when I do, there are things that happen – block patterns that are a little wonky, a surprise fabric. These things used to happen because I was distracted. But then I was told (by a Navajo rug weaver no less!) that in every Navajo rug there is always a goof purposefully woven into the pattern. They believe that’s where the Spirit moves in and out of the rug.
    I have heard a similar story about Persian rugs. Anyway, since then, I hide a surprise inconsistency in every quilt.


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