6 Quilts 6 Weeks.. can it be done?

On Feb. 11th I posted the next quilt.. here it is at the end of the month and no next quilt! So today I embark on a challenge  of six quilts in six weeks. I have the first three quilts’ fabrics pulled and stacked. I’m doing this to jump-start my quilting.. I am suffering from Quilters block.

Starting next weekend I am also in a paint the house challenge.. I did not volunteer.. I nagged my way into that one. We have been here for 18 months.  The front of the house has gotten no attention. To say it looks rough is the understatement of the world! We have had the paint for six months and blast it .. it needs paint! We’re painting white with black trim. Simple colors I know but it’s a farm style home. We had little choice to new roof colors so it’s what I thought would look best at the time. (I don’t have the picture up yet, will before lunch time)

I’m starting with the pineapple quilt I had all the fabric pulled for. I’m using the simplicity ruler instead of paper piece this time. I love the colors so the excitement is high for me.

Pineapple Pallette

I pulled out that second fabric from the left added another orange and another yellow.  Today I am the driver for a dear friend,  she has a doctor’s appointment so I’ll have a  late start but yes I will take pictures each day when I stop and yes, I’ll upload them the same day. I’ll be a bit slow off the block, falter in the middle but I have not yet missed a deadline line… pray for me…

I’m probally the only one who hasn’t seen this but just in case.. here’s a link Quilt Film Short. It’s fun to watch even if you’re not a quilter.


Here’s the update picture!  Not much done but it’s started..


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One response to “6 Quilts 6 Weeks.. can it be done?

  1. The fabrics look fantastic, and I love the video! Thanks for sharing and prayers always.


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