Importance of being prepared or in my case the ability to punt…

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SO? No body gave me any good excuses to get out of the challenge… I was really counting on y’all! Poor little chickens won’t have Mom to play with… okay I get it, chickens aren’t cute and cuddly enough for ya. I’ve got the patterns picked (mostly) okay! I still only have four.  Y’all are really hard!

Dinners have been planned and the crock pots are at the ready. Now all I gotta do is pull the fabric for the first three quilts. The first is a batik bubble, then floral diamond, then blue boxes… obviously those aren’t the real names, it’s just what I’m callin’ them now. I’ll get pictures uploaded of the fabrics and patterns after church.

Oh yeah, we’re going to Lowes on the way home. Picking out moulding for the front door, finally!  Did I mention I get to paint the house starting next weekend? Oh happy day! Still haven’t figured out how we’re gonna paint the upper stories. The sixteen foot ladder does not come close… so it looks like my six week challenge includes painting this house! (I heard those giggles!)

You know you can’t wait to hear those stories! AND my DH said I can paint a quilt block on the barn! I’m also lookin’ for some graffitti  artists to help me paint the back of the garage. He said I could tag it since you can’t see it from the road. That’s what the picture up there is about, it’s the style I’m looking for but I want mine in english…

It’s time to get ready for church, and since I spent four hours with DD at the beach yesterday that could be a problem. I failed to put on sunscreen. (hey, are you laughing?)  I’m sure there’s a loose fitting dress in there..

updates picts for two of the quilts to be with patterns or sketches batik bubbles is only a sketch.. I’m still trying to figure out the background fabric

floral diamonds.. I'm changing the pattern a bit but this gives you the idea



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6 responses to “Importance of being prepared or in my case the ability to punt…

  1. jennyklyon

    Uh, so what do you do in your spare time??


  2. Where is the beach that requires sunscreen in February? I don’t see much quilting going on with all that painting!


    • Here in Florida it has been beau-ti-ful! High 70’s low 80’s.. definately beach weather… actually it will just up the ante all the more.. yeah, that’s it! Maybe it’s time to add a little something to the grand prize… like a trip to knoxville???


  3. Look on any current fabric manufacturers website, they are stuffed with dead simple quilts.

    Poor little girls. But they get a barn quilt, that’s a plus. I’ve been eyeing our garage above the double door…


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