But the Chickens need me…

My Girls..

So far I’ve chosen three twin patterns and one lap size. Only two more to choose and then time to pile up the fabric. By the time this is over it will actually be spring.. April 11th. I’ve spent some time trying to find a way out of this ya know.

I’ve tried to make this simple by following patterns. That way I won’t be having to second guess myself . Measure, cut and sew.. that’s what I gotta do..  I may end this with a scrap quilt, at least that’s my thought at this moment. But by then I may not have the brain cell necessary to pull that off.

I’ve spent time looking at other blogs to see if there are other quilts I might use for this challenge. I need inspiration here peeps! ARGH! I’m not up to this task! What was I thinking? It’s gardening season and the chickens need me!

See I’ve really sunk to an all time low here. I ‘ve got to do this!



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10 responses to “But the Chickens need me…

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog via BQL. I didn’t know there was anyone else as mad as I am for blogging. Most of mine is poems – they’re quicker to make than quilts, and I don’t even have the excuse of chickens! I’ve subscribed to your blog.


  2. I’m not worried-you are focused-you will do great! I love your chickens.


  3. I would like to have chickens, but I have three dogs that will not allow any living things except humans into “their” territory.

    I think you are making this quilting thing too hard. Just grab a pattern that speaks to you, find some fabric, and get started! Although I do usually have another quilt started/laid out before I finish the last one, that as far as I go with advance planning. I don’t have enough brain cells left to worry about more than one thing at a time!

    Give your chickens a treat for me. LOL


    • I have the chickens in their own run that is attached to their house… my dogs or I should say the Lola-nator want chicken snacks really bad.
      I’m just having such a hard time doing just that. Getting started. I do so much better with deadlines this should jump start my process.
      I will.. they love grapes and yogurt!


  4. knitwitted

    O’ I so love your chickens!! Will you be making little quilted vests for them?


  5. knitwitted

    Aww shucks! And here I was thinking you were going to make me a vest!
    Love your chicks’ names!


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