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Oh no, here come the Bloggers

Image by Brett L. via Flickr

There are four days left in my second month here.

I set out to verbalize my thoughts and connect with others like me.. or at least who could tolerate me.  I am amazed by the amount of bloggers out there that are doing it. Each day to its fullest and putting one foot in front of other. They are artists and parents and grandparents. There’s cat lovers and dog lovers but we all share one goal. To grow… in our art, in our lives. I just wanted to thank each of you that visited and are visiting now.

So am I a quilting Blogger or a Blogging quilter? Naw, it doesn’t really matter. I just made it through a hard week here. Physically hard. I’m not really done but sharing the details actually did help ease the burden. I love my new quilt room. The dogs love it too, I’ll get pictures this weekend.

 But seriously y’all are actually reading. My goal was to have one hundred “hits” a month. I don’t have any idea what the average is. Well I passed my goal two months running! This isn’t really todays blog I’ll get to that in the morning I am just sitting here beside myself. My family worries what is going to make it into the next blog. This is great and thanks to all of you I’m no longer the old woman hiding in her quilt room.

(BTW.. You just know I’ve got to get that t-shirt!)


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One response to “Quilting Blogger

  1. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog every day. Keep it up and take care. Hope you have a good weekend!


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