Fabric.. how much is too much???

Wow, ya know I have some fabric. I kept most of it in totes since the move here and only new fabric went into the cabinets. I still have one of those plastic three drawers full of crazy quilt fabric.. brocades, velvets, and the like. I also pulled all the bolts out of the closet where before I couldn’t get to them. The window has a seat but since I can’t get to it that is the new home for all the bolts of fabric. Lolita (my Doxie) may argue when I take that quilt down as she likes to sit there and stare out the window looking for cats.I put the quilt up for winter.. and it’s getting warm now.

Which brings me to my question of the day… How much is too much fabric? Is there such a thing? DH was in here putting the shelves up when I was unearthing my stash and putting it in the cabinets. He has now seen all three cabinets full plus all the bolts. Can I rationally tell him I need more?

 Until now I thought of those women with fifty pairs of shoes as extreme, obsessed even. I’m starting to think maybe they aren’t… I got a catalog yesterday of new fabric lines and man, I really want some of them. There are some designers that I could just put in a standing order for their new lines each year. And then there are the sales.. those just kill me! I really have a hard time resisting a sale.

 I don’t think I’ve crossed over from building a stash to hoarding. Though it may be time for my twin quilt challenge. How many twin quilts can you make without buying any fabric… last time I made seven including backing fabric.. I might be able to make more than that now



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13 responses to “Fabric.. how much is too much???

  1. Thanks for “Liking” my blog. I will add your blog to my Follow list! Stay in touch……….


  2. jennyklyon

    This is too much fabric: http://stashmanicure.blogspot.com/2010/10/welcome-to-my-underwear-drawer.html
    When you have to sub categorize your reds into Civil War, 30’s, Valentine’s, hand dyed, batiks AND holiday, you may be on the edge of “too much” fabric. I dunno-haven’t hit that point….yet….


  3. Sky


    Reading your post just made me realize is not the quantity that disturbs me, it’s the fact that I am keeping it in plastic bags and not using it. And just keep buying more.

    You were saying “I still have one of those plastic three drawers full of crazy quilt fabric… brocades, velvets, and the like.” and I was thinking mm… how interesting… want :>

    Nice post, it’s nice to see how other fabric owners are dealing with their purchases: >


  4. My husband’s granny has a sign on the inside of her (vast) fabric cupboard that says, ‘She who dies with the most fabric wins’

    I am taking it very seriously!


  5. No such thing as too much fabric! In my book everything else in moderation, but fabric is the lifeblood of fabric art creativeness. I love your new layout! Having access to everything must be wonderful. Take care!


  6. I don’t consider my stash huge, I have friends who have more holiday fabric than my whole stash. Still, I went on the fabric wagon in 2001, make double sided quilts, and yet it seems there has been no change in the closet. Shopping for fabric was an addiction or habit like anything else…


    • Yes, addiction would be correct.. I do love fabric but then I use a whole bunch of fabric too… I question myself on how much I need to keep on-hand. When do I ease over the line into hoarding.. I’m not there yet.. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it up!


  7. I only think I have too much fabric because some of it is older… from the late 80s & 90’s and I don’t like the style anymore. Even tho I cut way back on my shopping and hauling home of fabric, I still am not keeping up with my UFOs. Ack!!

    🙂 Such a sweet problem! 🙂


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