Quilt Room Finale

So I got really far today.  Just a few odds and ends, sweep, mop and taa-daa.

All my fabrics.. even the bolts

Flannel and supply cabinet & design wall

Computer Desk with shelves.. still have more supplies to put away

Okay, okay, I still have to load all the programs on my computer. Oh and put up my wall of shame.. I keep a collage of photos taped to the side of my desk but I’m putting them on the side of my book shelf this time.  I also have some of that paint you can paint on the wall to make it a dry erasable wall. And time to organize my sewing accessories on the rack on my sewing table.

 So I have more room and can find everything. It doesn’t get any better than that!



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3 responses to “Quilt Room Finale

  1. And I thought my workroom was a squash! I don’t have any fabric larger than a fat quarter, and there are only a very few of those. Since Christmas I’ve been making scrap quilt after scrap quilt, and vowed I’d buy no fabric until I’d used up the binbags of scraps a friend gave me when she moved back to UK. Nowhere near that stage yet, but I had to buy 4 fat q’s yesterday to help in the current one – for a friend’s 80th birthday , so it has to be special.


    • Well you’ll have to make a quilt just for your workshop then! I can’t make that kind of vow… half used up would do better..
      I enjoy poetry.. it takes me to another place.. words can paint beautiful pictures. THX for subscribing I hope I don’t disappoint!.


  2. PS, I’ve realised, looking at your photos, that there is not a single quilt on my workshbop walls – just chests of drawers and sloping roof and huge window, 3 tables, a workbench, computer desk, bookshelves and tall cupboards. Oh, and muddle!


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