Quilt Room Tornado Part 2…

NCIS: Los Angeles title card

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Humble Bragging..I love that term! I heard it on NCIS LA last night. It’s my new favorite!

So here goes! The computer is up and running, though I did get help loading the network drivers. The design wall is actually on the wall! And the sewing table is in place. I now have two laundry baskets full of office supplies and computer programs and no place to put them. I’m working on that. (actually DH said he will put up shelves for me tomorrow)  I did start moving fabric around though I am nowhere near even half way done.

Why is it I expected to be further along? Well at this point I’m grateful that  I got this much done…I’ve gotta remember I did walk around the Fair yesterday and my body is NOT happy about that, seriously not happy.

All this cleaning and organizing is actually pretty exciting. It’s almost like getting a new and improved quilt room! DH is pretty excited too though I’m no too sure it’s not more excitement that I’m not in his territory. It will never be a bigger room but it will be a place that is used to its fullest potential.

Ya know it’s actually not my doing. Not really. I’ve surfed yalls blogs and seen your space. I’ve gotten so many encouraging comments that help keep me inspired. I’m really trying to emulate y’all. So this will be our room.. to talk and laugh and yes, even cry. Thanks!



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2 responses to “Quilt Room Tornado Part 2…

  1. jennyklyon

    Pictures, pictures!


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