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I have routines for just about everything.They’ve become pretty important to me. I actually get irritated when my routines are messed up. Not to mention  ugly things happen.. have you forgotten to put the carafe into coffee maker before ?(now, that’s ugly) Not having my haven to escape to has been really rough. My DH seemed to be the least effected or so I thought . We are together 24/7/365 and I’ve witnessed routines that don’t make any sense to me. He gets up and  turns on the computer then starts the coffee then back to the bathroom. I mean seriously he does the potty dance every morning cuz he has to stick to the routine (this is actually pretty fun to watch). I did get an answer to why though, cause he doesn’t like to wait.

Which leads me to look at my routines. How many things do I do that really don’t make sense? Probably a whole bunch. I’m not going to admit them all but I will highlight a few I’ve noticed in the midst of re-organizing the quilt room. My stash is not organized by color, instead I have it organized my fabric type (Batik, floral, solids,etc.). I mix these fabrics in my quilt but not in my stash?  I don’t organize my threads but have little groups of them all over the room. My rulers and templates are also hung in different places all over the room.

I’m trying  to objectively look at this and do things right this time. I know it won’t be perfect but it would really be nice to set up a space that helps and doesn’t make more work. I know there will be things that look silly to others but make perfect sense to me. The problem I’m running into is that I want it done now. I need my routine back!

Ya know it’s funny cuz I’m not the only one thrown for a loop here.  My kids have walked straight past me and into the quilt room looking for me. My DH has actually offered to help set up the room, he said “I can set up your computer so you can get back in there”. Turns out that my invasion of his space is throwing his routines off too. Not to mention giggling at his potty dance was kinda insulting

(BTW I have permission to include the potty dance story as long as it helps get me back in there to finish… what’s he trying to tell me?)



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2 responses to “Routines

  1. I have been enjoying your posts about your quilting and other adventures. You have gotten me motivated enough to clean up a rack that I use to hang my batting and my muslin pieces on. It was a total mess with Stitch Witchery, etc. stacked on top that didn’t belong there. I even threw a few things away!

    I do have my fabrics more or less organized by color, but I can see the wisdom of your system. I have to have everything out on horizontal surfaces or I forget I have it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I do have to fight a tendency to be messy, and to save every little scrap in case I think of something I can use it for.

    Hope you get some new computer set up and all your space organized. I got my big table cleaned off at Christmas time when I needed the space for quests to eat. I’m quickly getting it covered up again!


    • Thanks.. it has been an adventure.. glad to hear you’ve caught the bug, I won’t be suffering alone! (HAH) I’m still looking into what system would be best but I am working on getting it all in one place .. I am a SLOB so.. anything to make it easier will help curb my sloppy-ness!


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