Quilt Room Tornado (part 1)

My quilt room looks like a tornado hit it.       It was me!





I finally tore down that computer hutch and put in the new desk (remember the one that’s been in the closet for 18 months?) I’ve got the new computer still in the box and the old one is waiting on the floor in the hall so I can transfer data. I also  got the wire baskets out of the closet where I couldn’t use them but haven’t finished moving my sewing table. Actually if I want to be completely honest, I didn’t finish anything yesterday. Yes, seriously! Nothing! But really, I don’t want to be honest… it’s too depressing so let me see… I got the tomatoes and green peppers planted and watered the cukes then checked on the chickens. Then I tackled the computer hutch pulling out two laundry baskets of computer and office supplies. And I tore down the old computer and cleaned off the new desk. Then after sitting in the porch swing watching my DD weed the flower bed I made dinner.

So today here I sit in the family room with my DH behind me talking to me while I try to blog. It started something like this

  • DH: So, are you writing your blog?
  • Me: Yep, trying to…
  • DH: Have you read this?
  • Me: (with my back still to him) nope
  • DH: (reads the entire article about the race yesterday, and the interviews to me)
  • Me: How ’bout that

I’ve started chanting in my mind “must install computer, must install computer“. However today is a holiday and we’re taking the kids to the state fair, it’s the last day. Which means I will be hurting so bad I can’t think by the time we get home and that means no computer again tomorrow. AARRGGHH!

 I know I’ll fire up the lap top and sit in there anyway!



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2 responses to “Quilt Room Tornado (part 1)

  1. We had a roof event once and I had to rewash every bit of my stash. Then a few years later we put carpet in and everything on the floors of the closets had to come out again. Then a couple of years ago I finally bit the bullet, took all the fabric out and incorporated the two stashes I inherited into mine. This time I was smart…it took me about two weeks but in December 2008 I organized and refolded all my fabric with forethought 🙂 I can see every piece of fabric in my closet, from fat quarter to yardage. It is still perfect 2+ years later. Of course the key is to add or put away fabric folded and stacked right…

    I think my very first blog post was a before and after. The before picture makes my face burn still. No wonder nothing ever got done.
    Good luck! Sharyn


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