Following Directions

EQ page with notes

Image by normanack via Flickr

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out about me but I don’t follow directions well.  I try to stay in line and do what I’m told but.. naw… sorry, I don’t try, that’s a lie. Let’s start again.  For some reason in-between reading the quilt pattern and deciding on fabric, I change, omit or add to it. Sometimes the only thing that’s close to the quilt in the pattern is a block.

When I started quilt making I did follow a pattern or two and yes, I ended up with a quilt that looked just like the picture. But ya know it just didn’t spin my bobbin. A fellow quilter commented yesterday that she also uses what she calls “the design wall in her mind”. That is a really good description of what I do.

When I see a quilt I try to figure out the block pattern then I start spinning them around. Sometimes I see a secondary pattern and think “that’s what I want”. Sometimes it’s the colors that have me entranced. I rarely want the exact quilt in the picture. Instead I want what it has inspired in me. 

There are a couple quilt designers that do that for me almost every time. Nancy Mahoney is one of them. I read somewhere that she uses Electric Quilt to design her quilts. I’m afraid to load it on my computer. I know it will do things like make sure I have enough fabric and spin and change designs until I get what I want but.. will I ever make the quilt once I’ve seen it? Will I follow my own directions?



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4 responses to “Following Directions

  1. I think you will follow your own directions! All you will be doing is putting “the design wall” in your mind on your computer. It will be your own creation, not really directions. Go for it!


  2. I love EQ! I don’t even use it to its full potential but it is fun. I love paper piecing so use it a lot to print out my foundations. But if I see a pattern, even in my mind, it is easy to make it on EQ and see how it works first.

    But you make beautiful quilts. If you are happy this way, no need to fix it. 🙂


    • Thanks, actually I’m kinda getting myself revved up to use it. That is once my new computer is installed.. I’m hopeful that I’ll learn to follow my own directions and hopeful this will cure the “not having enough fabric” problem


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