Favorite Quilt Blocks

Craftster Quilt Blocks

Cabinet to the right was for Fat Quarters

We all have our favorite. The tried and true that we turn to when we want to make a quick quilt. Or at least that’s what I’m told. Some prefer the 9 patch, for others, stars do it for them. As for me I haven’t found it yet. They are all my favorite! Or maybe I should say, the next quilt will be my favorite?

Don’t get me wrong. I like stars. Oh and the 9 patch, I love the matching seams. Not to mention you can do so many complex patterns by color variations. But then the bow tie? Man I love a bi-color bow tie! But wait the disappearing 9 patch? Dresden plate can be so much fun too! So how do we decide?

Personally if I want to get a quilt done fast? It’s pretty simple, it all hinges on the fabric I have on hand. What do I have enough of to do which patterns? That’s why my stash is so important. I need to have fabric on hand to get quilts or at the least the quilt tops finished. Not necessarily the borders or backing but definitely the blocks.

Now don’t get me wrong I do shop for certain quilts. But the “Which quilt am I making today”? It all starts with my stash.

BTW.. I love my stash!


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