Quilty Friends

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I’ve never been on a quilt retreat. I am a reader and one of my favorite series is Elm Creek by Jennifer Chiaverini. Those books make me want to find a retreat with friends just like in the book.

 A friendship interwoven with quilting, what could be better? I joined our guild to meet other quilters. I didn’t know one person that quilted until then. For a new quilter and new member the meetings were strange to me. But I really liked looking at their quilts! I don’t plug-in well but yes I did end up on a committee by my second year. Education, yep that’s where I got sucked into the vortex of .. oh my word! We have some really great teachers and our monthly speakers are mostly amazing. They actually had me speak about Facebook one month and I was shocked by the interest in learning about it! Seriously, who knew?

It’s all about that quilty friendship. You know the kind where you let them look at your quilts? It’s been years and though most members bring in their quilts as they make them I never did. Oh, don’t get me wrong I made many for charity but I wouldn’t show them or tell anyone about them. I just slid them under the pile. But I would however post pictures online.(I’m not exactly logical sometimes)

I’m no longer a new quilter or new member. And yes, I brought in my first “show and tell” at the December meeting last year.  Though as flustered as I was I ended up dubbed the Tequila Quilter. I said something strange like quilting kept me out of the bars but not off the sauce.  Some of the quilters still “roll their eyes” at me.

But ya know, the years I’ve spent with these quilters has been a treat. So I guess I don’t have to go somewhere to find it after all.


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One response to “Quilty Friends

  1. jennyklyon

    I love the comeraderie of other quilters-we’re all “sisters” of sorts!


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