The Quilt Reaction

2008 Paducah KY Quilt Show

I’ve noticed that the words quilt and quilter can in fact cause shock and awe. Yes, I mean SHOCK AND AWE! Like fireworks, oooh… aaaaawe!

I went to my Doctors appointment yesterday at the University. I’m usually waiting 2-3 hours so I bring a stack of magazines. No, don’t get me wrong here, I gladly wait for this doctor. She is that good. Look what you’ve done I’m already off topic!

Doc’s Intern Assistant noticed my magazines. With her eyes opened wide she asked if I can make those. I said “you mean quilts?” and there is was “Ooooh, yes those”. I said yes and she said, you guessed it “aaaawe”. Quilts bring an emotional response even to those who don’t quilt.

For me, going to a quilt show is like that. It’s all shock and awe. Quilters really amaze me with their adaptation of quilt patterns. The color choices they make are sometimes surprisingly stunning. I see things I would not have thought of. But even with a simple pattern and monochromatic quilts can still be stunning.

Quilt making is something that is alive, changing not only with the seasons but every quilter that joins the ranks. Each one bringing something new to quilting. That’s an important reason to share our passion for quilting. That new quilter you bring to your guild may be the one who opens your eyes wide with the inevitable shock and awe


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