Catch up Day

Happy Saturday!

Pineapple.. Paper piece or not?

It looks like the pineapple won as my next quilt. Hopefully I can get my strips cut this afternoon but probably not until monday. I’ve also got to get the Monkey Business baby quilt quilted but that shouldn’t take very long .

It’s actually comforting knowing what my next quilt is. I prefer to know before the quilt table is empty. Yes, I’m one of those who like having two going at the same time. That way I can usually find something to do. I have a multi height chair and a really padded one for the sewing machine. So no matter what hurts I can usually find a position to do something.

Today I have family fun planned. Going to take Mom out for breakfast then maybe go out looking at slate rock for my new Ultimate Aquarium. But maybe not cuz it is cold! Maybe some of y’all out think Florida isn’t cold but it’s only getting up to the low 60’s! The State Fair just started but again that is only if it’s gets warmer, maybe next weekend?

I know, maybe I can find a quilt show! Would you look at that! There’s one in Clearwater this weekend! Yeah for me! Now, how do I work that into family time? Drop the oh and by the way line then wait to see if it’s picked up. I just did that when I went to the living room to get another cup of coffee. So far DH isn’t biting.

I’ll give it some time… now I need to get my shower and start the day! I have a quilt show to attend!




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One response to “Catch up Day

  1. You are so funny (in a very good way) even through your ‘obtacles.’ You bring humor into my world by sharing yourself. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great day in Clearwater 🙂


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