The Next Quilt…

Waves of the Ocean Scrap Quilt

Image by Force Majeure Farm via Flickr

Drumroll please…. I’m thinking bright fun and funky. White background maybe a storm at sea crossed with an ocean waves? I’m going to play around with the blocks to see what I can come up with.

Color Palette

Or maybe a pineapple quilt! I love those and it’s strip friendly! I’m hoping to come up with something that I can just sit down and sew.. not a lot of thought process involved.

I really want to sit and sew for a while. Have you ever been there? I need to hear nothing but the machine running and sit there guiding the fabric. Not having to talk about taxes, doctors, teachers, which college has what, who said what, who did what to whom… and of course the ba-zillion dollar discussion… what’s for dinner

I’m down to two kids left in the house now and I forgot… I blame it on the brain damage. Maybe it was because I had more brain cells then but teenagers can, in fact, drive you crazy! The quilt room is like the water cooler! Everyone migrates here to talk…

So in the quiet of the wee hours I sit here to write my blog and try to decide on the pattern before the barrage of talking tomorrow.  I can think on the numbers and size blocks then do the cutting in the morning.

I just can’t decide though… which college does look the best? No, which pattern will fuffill my needs to sit and sew… what am I making for dinner… maybe a 10″ pineapple block?



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2 responses to “The Next Quilt…

  1. I vote for a pineapple or log cabin! Not sure why but I love your colors and they will show more with those two patterns. Luscious and so cheery for a winter project!


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