Project updates…

Binding on the longarm. I am now a convert! Why didn’t I think of this? Thread tales, thank-you!! Practice Practice…

Don't ya love the handles my DH made me?

Okay, ignore the seam ripper. It took some trial and error for me. But I did it!! Yeah for me! Binding is not such a burden anymore!

Digitizing complete. Not perfect but I don’t think anyone else will see the differences.

He really didn't like the shirts they offered so he got to choose his own.

 Quilt is finally off the blasted table and ready to finish binding. Tried to make the label but Yota jammed up. Fortunately not earlier on the shirt so I still gotta finish that. And yes I have one more shirt to go..

I had a minor interruption today.. okay it was major. Like, right in the middle of looking something up for this post.

Did you ever have something good happen and then wonder… why now? Why this? That was my day today. Instead of looking for the silver lining I was looking for the cloud.

I got an email.. from Petco.. yep the pet supply store. Seriously nearly deleted the thing without opening it. It stated that I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Okay wait a minute, I have never and yes I mean never won anything. The Ultimate Aquarium Giveaway!

I’m sure I mentioned that we moved here just eighteen months ago. And the house was nearly condemned when we bought it? We sold and got rid of a slew of possessions to buy this house.  Well because of that, this is the first time ever in 20 plus years I have no aquarium. My DH promised that I would again have one but it wasn’t high on our list of needs.

I had no idea this would turn my crank the way it has. But I won an aquarium! Not just any aquarium but THE ULTIMATE AQUARIUM!

 I’m excited! Fishes again! I would never have admitted it but ya know I really missed sitting and watching them. There’s just something soothing about aquariums. So, they deliver and set up this beast for us. I should get a call in the next few days about it. I signed the affidavits and did all the faxing. I am JAZZED! DH and #3 son have to get under the house to add braces to the flooring!

Sorry can’t think of a thing quilty to say right now… just keep quilting quilting quilting!!!



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4 responses to “Project updates…

  1. jennyklyon

    Hey, life ain’t ALL quilts! Congrats on the beautiful aquarium!


  2. Oh my goodness — congrats on the major WIN!! I love my angel fish in my aquarium and would love having such a big one. So exciting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad to have found you. The binding on the long-arm…. fantastic! Can’t wait to try it. 🙂


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