NOW, back to quilting

I’ll try to stay on task and get something quilting related done today. I’ve tried to set aside thoughts of fishes..

Another shirt, oops fix the Yota first. Setting tension seems to be my nemesis. Most problems I encounter on all of my machines have to do with tension. I know I’m not the only one simply because there is so much written about it. On Timmy (Tin Lizzie) it’s either pokies or eyelashes. On Vern (Huskavarna) it’s puckering and on Yota (Toyota 6 needle) It’s a rats nest.

It seems that in most cases it is not due to me changing anything but dust or lint. Yes, I clean and oil the machines regularly.. well maybe I don’t vacuum enough and yes, I do forget to put the dust covers over them. But hey, a girl can’t be expected to remember everything, everytime!

No, in case you’re wondering I haven’t gotten any further organizing this place but I’ve thought about it, so that should count a little. Today I have to deliver eggs first and since I already have dinner made it’s a good day to finish up loose ends and clean the machines.

Not that I really have a choice…



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2 responses to “NOW, back to quilting

  1. jennyklyon

    Using low lint thread? If not, that linty thread can clog up your tension discs in a heartbeat. I use Aurafil for piecing almost exclusively.


  2. Yes, but ya know if you don’t cover it, it get coated with dust too!
    I use King Tut and have had really low lint problems I really think it’s the ammount of dust and not covering the machine in between quilts(on Timmy). But you do have a good pointer there on my piecing thread.. it is NOT low lint… but I have been getting through those cones and have a low lint back up cones.


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