Random Quilt Thoughts

My DH just asked if I “needed” to go to Ocala for more fabric. Of all the times he could have said that it was right as I was posting my last blog. Organization first, fabric later.

I’ve got to make the label for Sun & Sand and the baby girl quilt and toys then get pictures and put them on Etsy. That’s the ultimate goal here. I need to sell a few quilts here and there to support my quilt habit. In order to improve I must practice, practice, practice! I tell my kids that all the time.  I can usually  recognize the mistake once I’ve made it a few times. Quilt making is no different.

So what does this blog have to do with my quilting? It keeps my ideas flowing and my thoughts being out there with you they have an accountability factor to them now. I use blogging to keep me on track. It is also a place for camaraderie, I am not alone! I don’t have many opportunities to get out and talk to people. Sometimes speech is difficult. But here, those things don’t matter. I’ve connected with women like myself who have physical difficulties and those who don’t know that I do. I can edit until a topic makes sence to you.

Dena Crain from the Kenya Quilt Guild is asking for stories from quilters. How has quilting changed your life? It is such an open question that has had my mind muddled. How can that question be answered succinctly? Until recently I didn’t belong to a Guild and because of my issues I am not involved in the small group activities so it couldn’t be a social thing. The only answer I can come up with is that I am no longer defeated. But that’s not much of a story.

I just re-read this post and WOW.. I’m all over the place. What can I say this is how my mind works sometimes!


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  1. I can’t believe you passed on fabric 🙂 . That is self-control! I feel that you are working on a bigger plan-getting organized to get those creative juices flowing and working hard in time for spring? Take care!


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