If you can dream it you can make it happen

Do you get the Post a day topics? Although I can’t use most in my blogs I find that I do think of them as I figure out what I want to say each day. One word of warning.. this is NOT a quilt based post!

Worst teacher? Life without the internet? The one who got away…

Even with bad teachers (even way back in my school days) I learned something I still use. Maybe even more so than average teachers. I learned that I must thirst the knowledge, I must want to know in order to learn. Quilting is a great example. I read everything I could then sat down and started. I saw quilts that inspired me then put my spin on them. So yes, my worst teachers actually taught me the most.

Life without the internet. Well, I’d be back at the library. I love libraries! Knowledge is a book or two away. Besides practice knowledge is the most important faucet in life.

The one who got away? BWAAHAAHAA!  Okay if I could stop laughing here it would be easier to make my point. I’ve finally figured out that what I want and what I need are actually two different things. Thankfully I don’t get to decide. You may call it fate but I believe it is Devine intervention. I want Matthew McConaughey but alas… I am blessed that I have a husband who cherishes me (and tolerates me). So he didn’t get away.. I escaped!

I’ve read topics on blogging and it says to be professional,  eloquent even, yet I don’t have that kind of thought process. I don’t speak that way. I want you to know me warts and all. Maybe that’s wrong. But that’s what this blog is about.

My dreamz happen, they aren’t just my dreams. My quiltz happen as a by-product of both my dreamz and living life. If you can dream it you can make it happen. (except maybe the Matthew McConaughey part)


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