Quilt Room Organization

I love rainy days!

The only real problem is they make me lazy! I’ve got things I want to do but here I sit and I can’t even think of a topic for this blog. In fact this is the first time I didn’t have it already written. Did you know you can schedule these to post? You don’t have worry about being on the computer to post your new blog. I’m not telling how long it took me to figure it out but.. man I’m glad I did!

Okay here goes..

I have stash problems. With limited space available how do you organize your stash?

The design wall has NOT been mounted yet..

This started out as the green-blue cabinet and I still have totes of fabric I haven’t even looked at since moving here. As you can see I added what I call my wedding ring stack, and a floral stack …oh, and a baby stack.

The part of the closet that has shelving...

This is where I keep flannels and my crazy quilt fabric. That’s a bolt of faux suede that I’ve contemplated a quilt for… still chewing on that idea. Yes that is an easel leaned up against the front. I used to do a lot of painting, my hands don’t work that way anymore.

Cabinet to the right was for Fat Quarters

I just finished two queen quilts that I used a lot of fat quarters so I’m really low on them now. That cabinet was full.  I did not take a picture of under the quilt table… can you guess why? I am SO ashamed!  Totes of fabric, rolls of batting. Three tool boxes ( I have to hide those from my DH or they disappear) my lap top and two dog beds.

So as you can see I have real problems. When I said I need to clean up this room last week? I wasn’t kidding! I have approx. 4 feet between the computer and the front of the quilt table. In that space is the cutting table. I have the ironing board in the hall. I shouldn’t complain too much when I started this it was all in the master bedroom. (My Toyota 6 needle with computer is still in there.)Yes the quilt table was set up for king size! Is my DH the best or what?

How ’bout that! It isn’t my stash that’s the problem. I lack organization. That’s it! If I just organize then I could get more fabric! Well maybe I should see whats under the table in all those totes first…

(Confess!  These pictures made you feel better about your Quilt room didn’t they!)



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2 responses to “Quilt Room Organization

  1. I’m so jealous. You have cabinets and closets to store fabric… I have stacks of totes filled with fabric that I’m not working on plus a chest of drawers. Come to think of it, I’ve never had all of my material out at one time-maybe I should have a meet and greet 🙂 Take care!


  2. Don’t tell my DH.. When we put in the kitchen I snuck the cabinets in that budget (IKEA 38 dollars each with doors).. then had my #1 son put them up for me!!


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