Technology in Quilting

No Technology in Brighton

Image by Sammy0716 via Flickr

I used to do embroidery by hand. I did all kinds of needlework;  crewel, counted cross stitch, needlepoint and I loved it.

Now I’ve got a machine to do a lot of my embroidery for me. It is faster and I don’t even have to be in the room. BUT! It is computer based! With computers there is the whole”garbage in garbage out” problem. I get so frustrated. I know it’s not the computers fault but still! AHHH!

So, I’m still trying to remember how to digitize. Last time it wasn’t that hard, I even figured out how to add different stitches. The program I use is only 12 years old. No automatic anything you have to put in what you want… I don’t have those brain cells anymore! Where did they go.. I don’t know but I am close to putting my foot through the blasted thing!

I may have to get new software. The kind that you don’t need to have brain cells to operate. Oh my word!! I’m not friends with that computer attached to the embroidery machine. It’s mean to me! It’s Windows ME based, does that say anything about my plight?

My frustrations over that stoo-pid program took over my thought process for now on three days. (If I’m honest I’d admit I was angry with myself for not remembering how to use the software.)

I’m grateful that quilting isn’t technology based. It can be, but doesn’t have to be. I don’t have to make complicated blocks to make a beautiful quilt. I don’t have to use a computer to design my quilt or figure out yardage. Although that last part sure would save me a lot of headaches! In fact I don’t have to use a machine. I am in the process of an english paper pieced quilt top.

Technology has advanced quilting techniques. But it is the Quilters utilizing it that prove that making a quilt can not be digitized. For that I’m grateful!

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2 responses to “Technology in Quilting

  1. You are having similar thoughts to mine. Windows ME for you, Windows 98 for me, I just blogged about this yesterday. I’ve been there, forgetting how to digitize, but keep in mind there are great videos out there, find one and spend a few minutes with a cup of coffee or tea, watching and relearning. It will get better, you’ll find a way.

    I had decided to go on to a different project, my barns quilt. Some of my tracings were too small for the 10 x 10 I decided to make my blocks, went to scan them to enlarge them – and the scanner driver is for Windows XP only. Again!! Sometimes I think it doesn’t pay to upgrade.


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