Future of quilting..

Do you ever wonder where quilting will go from here.? The advent of the rotary cutter seems to have put new life into quilting. New techniques are coming out regularly to make quilts faster or easier or both. Longarm machines can now be computer guided. There are design programs that make designing quicker and easier and it even figures out your yardage! So I just wonder whats next?

Here’s a couple of ideas for you inventors out there

  • one step quilt binding = one seam and it’s done
  • Widget for matching seams on diamonds (no more pinning)
  • inexpensive way to store fabric stash (come on, have you seen the size of my stash?)
  • cotton fabric that has no bias (no more worrying about bias edges)

I still want to cut up fabric and piece it back together, no preprinted panels or already pieced yardage. I want to do my own quilting so please no prequilted yardage either. I can use those things for other projects just not my quilts.

Of course as a quilter I’m always looking for new and improved gadgets. I don’t know who doesn’t right? The Curve Master foot? I love it! Eleanor Burns, I have to have every gadget she makes! (I think she should be crowned the Queen of Quilting!) Tom Flynn Multi-Frame (the man is a genius, maybe he should be King?) , the new Simplicity Double Wedding Ring Template, BRAVO!

I’m really not sure which is my favorite gadget, but those a few I’ve acquired lately that I’m not sure I could live without. I don’t know how the women did it years ago with a needle and thread and that’s it? Card board templates with scissors? Can you even imagine?



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2 responses to “Future of quilting..

  1. Hey!It wasn’t that long ago!

    You do realise a lot of us out here learned to do patchwork with cardboard templates … I don’t have to imagine! And sometimes, for odd shapes I still use cardboard or plastic templates, or templates taped to rulers. I do however, make all the long, straight cuts that I can using a ruler, rotary cutter on one of them new fangled mats!

    Judy B


    • I know most of the changes happened in the last 20 – 30 years and since I’m fifty … you’re not alone! I’ll tell ya those scissors are what kept me away from quilting! When Eleanor came along tearing strips? I LOVE that woman!
      Oh and I used plastic lids from margerine for my templates


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