Back to quilting..

So is it quilting or quilt making? Am I a Quilter or Quilt Maker? Both probably, but still.. is it a relevent question? Maybe not, could be that it’s a chicken or egg type question!

Sun and Sand is FINALLY off the table and now its binding time. Baby Boy quilt top (Monkey Business) is due for piecing, the blocks are complete. I’m getting stuff done. Only one interruption that may slow down the process. #1 son called and I needs two work shirts embroidered for him before he has to go out-of-town.

Have you noticed that interruptions come when you’re finally getting ahead of the curve? Just when I think I’ve got a rhythm going the phone rings. When I’m bored no one calls! Since starting this blog I’ve got four more things to do today. Tomorrow is filling up too!

I often wonder how they know … 

For now I’m off to clear my work list so I can get back to quilting! 


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