Control is an illusion…

Days of Thunder?

Image by Clemson via Flickr

We’re a movie line quoting family. There are well spoken truths in some that  I wish I had come up with. In ‘Days of Thunder‘ Nicole Kidman had this to say “control is an illusion you infantile egomaniac..”   MAN!  I love that line!

We use it often to cover so many situations in our family life. Too many times I hear it in my head while trying to make fabrics and colors say something that I want them to say. Even when I blog I want to control a subject and turn it into something I want to say.

Ya know it’s all about me, right?  Well the ugly truth is that it isn’t. I accepted the postaday2011 challenge really not understanding what I was getting into. I’ve been on here one month while thinking to myself I could drop out anytime. No one knows me, right? Well that’s no longer true. I have visited so many blogs trying to understand what I’m supposed to be doing. There are some AMAZING blogs out there! And I’ve connected with people who inspire me.

Some of y’all even commented on my blogs. As my DD says, “Like WOW” . There are people reading my blogs? My mother’s number one question is “why”. You can say anything and her question is the same, “Why?”. I am guessing here, but probably the same reason I read so many blogs. I want to say something that people can relate to. I’m here to connect . I’m attempting to, in my own way, stop trying to control a thought process and see what others are thinking. To see where y’all will take me.



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2 responses to “Control is an illusion…

  1. jennyklyon

    I read your blog because I like your authentic voice!


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