One month gone..

Isn’t it amazing to see time fly by so fast? We’re already one month done with 2011! I could swear yesterday was 1981! Now four kids later … well you can see where I’m going with that.

I started my blog one month ago, hoping to connect with other quilters. Well let me just say I under estimated the impact that blogging would have on my quilting! I have seen some amazing quilts and met so many inspiring quilters! But that’s not all!  It’s like having an accountability partner in quilting. I know I have to blog ( I accepted the challenge of one a day) so I have to have something to say, right?  Well that means I have to actually get something done!

Yes, I’ve had some really off days! Don’t go there! And yes, I’m going to play the D card here. With the disease process some days I can not do anything. Yet, with blogging I have found a way to stay focussed and get back to my “happy place” quicker.

Quilting affords me an outlet with so many phases that there is usually something I can be doing (even if it’s just fondling fabric). Already I’ve done things I’d not done before and met people I would not ever meet in my daily wanderings from the bedroom to the quilt room!

Blogging gives me people to talk to that listen. Or if I’m being honest, I just act like yall are out there wanting to hear what I have to say today. Just like my kids yall are probally rolling your eyes at me right now! I know reality, just don’t mess with my fantasy here!


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