To me quilting is…

An escape while still being reality. It has an exactness while still  remaining fluid. The show stopper quilts, you are afraid to use while the ugliest quilt is also cherished.  We need them all. I am drawn to the Gees Bend quilts. The colors and simplicity inspire me yet to me they can be copied but not duplicated. Every stitch is a signature.

I love to make quilts. Both as an artistic outlet and to impact peoples lives. I love to meet and talk to quilters. They are such a diverse and interesting bunch of people. They make quilts just like I do one stitch at  a time. Some are less experienced than I am but I’m beginning to think most aren’t.

I’m still strengthening my quilting voice. I’m not sure the sound I’m looking for yet. But I know I haven’t hit it yet.



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2 responses to “To me quilting is…

  1. I love the Gee’s Bend quilts, too!!


  2. jennyklyon

    Very well said and I agree!


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