It was a Good Day!

Got the twin about seventy-five percent quilted.  Got the baby boy quilt cut and half pieced. I’m telling ya I was on a roll today!

Don’t you love days like that?  There aren’t many interruptions and not too many problems. They’re rare, in fact I kept waiting for it (you know, the big snafu). That big *#@*^##@@! something to stop me in my tracks and start “making up words“.  It didn’t! ~~HAPPY DANCE~~

Look at the pattern I ended up with for the border blocks…

Sun & Sand Quilt First sunburst border

Once I got the first one done it was a quick process. I did end up with star fish in the center. I’ll get better pictures once it’s off the table. 

It’s also #2 son’s birthday so we set out to the Cheesecake Factory. It was only an hour and a half wait time. They don’t take reservations. So I didn’t get my blog written ahead of time. 

I hope your day was good, but if it wasn’t and you made up some words for it… that’s productive too!


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