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I tried playing darts but I really suck.

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What does that mean? Can I only blog about things that have to do with quilting or quilts? What was I thinking!? I’ve seriously not talked this much in thirteen years! It’s only been three weeks! How am I going to accomplish my goal of one a day? FOR A YEAR! I’m gonna lose my mind. Okay I lost that years ago but you get my drift.

So here goes, I’m sitting here trying to come up with my next quilt. I’m completely stumped. Not stumped like I don’t know a pattern. But stumped as in I have too many to choose from.

Do I get one-off my “I’ve gotta make that” list or one that I’ve played with in my mind and hasn’t even made the list yet. Then there’s the other one that I saw some fabric in my stash that sparked. Of course I’ve still got one on the table to quilt. I really need to get-r-done. I also need a boy baby quilt. I hate these decisions, they’re all the right ones so it really shouldn’t matter. But it does!

Maybe I should use the throw a dart at it method! What ever the dart hits that’s what I’ll do! My luck, it would go through the window and I’d have to replace windows instead of quilt.

Okay, I’ve decided! Baby boy quilt and finish the twin on the table! See that wasn’t hard!


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