Thread confusion

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Image by gina pina via Flickr

The different threads out there seem almost endless.  Then add in the different weights and I get overwhelmed. I still have some thread left that I should never have bought. I donated a bunch to the local school and they think I’m great. I really need to send some more.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the different brands so I’m gonna stay away from naming them.  We all have our favorite for a multitude of reasons and lets face it, no one cares which one I prefer.

It took time to develop a feel for bobbin threads and threads for bobbin work. I use different  threads for piecing than I do for the longarm. But when I quilt on the sewing machine I use the same thread.

Once I started down this road I heard so many “rules” .. I’m not exactly a rule person so I learned by trying out the different threads.  I learned quickly some threads were not for quilting at least not for my quilting. I also used invisible thread in the beginning, not so much now.

Then there are the embroidery threads, now there’s a subject! I have a sewing machine that has a lot of embroidery stitches that I use for my crazy quilting. I have used one metallic exclusively after trying all the different brands I found but now I’ve  found another brand and I’m giving it a go, it doesn’t lay quite as nice but is much stronger so I can use it on the longarm for thread painting. I have a little singer 200 embroidery machine I used like a mule.  So I added a Toyota 6 needle to my arsenal.. well they use different threads. Okay, the singer will use anything, it’s the Toyota that’s picky.

So if you’re anything like me you have hundreds of spools and dozens of cones. But wait, which needle goes with which thread… I have a drawer full of needles I had to write a list so I didn’t forget.  So there’s thread needle combinations and with embroidery you’ve got stabilizers, the longarm has different thread needle combinations then add in tension to the mix! 

There’s no wonder I’m so confused!


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