When buying fabric…

Bolts of Fabric @ Fashion District, NYC, Novem...

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This is not a post for those “stash busting” people. I hoard fabric. Actually that’s not true, I collect fabric! Yeah, that’s it! I’m a collector! If I need a yard I buy three.. and if I see a fabric that I think is delishous? I buy five yards, just in case I can use it in something! Sometimes I buy just a yard, it’s a just for when decision.

One of those big box stores had a sale on flannel a few years ago. It was a day after thanksgiving doorbuster. BLACK FRIDAY!! Well I went kinda nuts. Well not really, I only bought around 75 yards. The kicker? I had not used flannel before and until a few weeks ago I still had all that flannel. But it was sooo cute and only ninety-nine cents! I still don’t know how I decided how much to buy of each but.. I have some flannel on hand now.

When I start thinking about my next quilt, I decide on the pattern then I shop my stash. I’ve made a bunch of baby quilts lately and I started to use up some of that flannel. Hey, ya know what? Flannel is not just for rag quilts! It’s a lot of fun in a quilt. The texture is fun. Fun is part of funny and anyone who knows me knows  I think funny is important.

So back to my tips on buying fabric. I buy as much as I can and am able to hide. That’s my motto.  



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2 responses to “When buying fabric…

  1. I know the feeling! 75 yards? REALLY? Even I’m not that ‘bad’ but so very close. I need a tracking device to keep me out of the stores – or a jail cell :). I’m leaving now to find material to go with the applique projects I’m working on. I have so much material hidden away that I’m not sure if I know where it all is… Take care.


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