I’m old, I mean really old.. older than women that have lived more years than me. How exactly did that happen?  Seriously!  My big Sis was born first but you’d swear by looking at us that she was my lil’ sis! It can’t be cuz I raised four kids, my sis raised nine. Was it genetics or environment or the choices I made that did this to me? (you just know my sis is beside herself with this photo!)


Big Sis


I’m sure you know the joke about wanting to get to the end of your life used up saying “WOOHOO what a ride” well I must be near the end cuz I am used up! Yall are wondering what on earth this has to do with quilting right? Hang on, I’m getting to it.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the Quilt Index. If you haven’t seen it go there now, I’ll wait. I take that back you’ll be gone for hours! They are undertaking a massive quest to document all quilts. Even our guild has been active in helping with documentation.  If you look at some of these quilts you’ll see they don’t look old. They’re well-kept even some are new looking! Then others are worn and stained.

I’ve started thinking up stories for the quilts that are “maker unknown” The worn and used ones that is. The lives they’ve touched…. that’s why it’s so important to document them so others don’t make up stories for you. We spend our time and talents for people who matter to us. The quilts matter to us. Make sure others know that even a hundred years from now!



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4 responses to “I AM OLD!!

  1. jennyklyon

    I love the Quilt Index-I could get lost for days!


  2. See it’s not just me!! WOOHOO! I love that place… spend time when I need inspiration!


  3. You’re right! That is not a nice pic you chose of me….just sayin….


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