I love gadgets

Gadgets are intended to simplify something. And they do most of the time. I’ll tell ya when it comes to quilt gadgets, and templates, it is amazing the sheer numbers. Even more amazing is that I don’t own them all! Not even close either.

Most of them if you’ve used them once you remember how. But I’ve got a couple that I have to read the book every time. I don’t know how Eleanor Burns figured out the triangle in a square or flying geese. Her way is quick and easy not to mention less wasteful. But come on! Who thinks like that???

There are a few that just about everyone uses. I can’t say everyone because I have a friend who had never owned a rotary cutter or cutting mat! Yes, it’s true!  Then the new gadgets that come out? I bought two at Paducah last year. I used one of them already to make that quilt you see me standing and holding up. I Love that thing! I wish I had bought both sizes!

 Then there’s the new wedding ring template. I think I own every template to make wedding ring quilts. I even have a couple of paper piece patterns from Judy Niemeyer. But I haven’t made one yet! Isn’t that sad?

I for one am glad it’s not me who thinks these things up! There are some intense thinkers out there in the quilt world. I’m having a good day if I remember to put tape on my ruler!


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