Nothing New under the sun…

How do I come up with an origional pattern? Is it even possible? I’ve looked through thousands of quilts listed in the quilt index. There are pictures and history written, so how can I possibly come up with something different?

I just don’t see it happening. But of course that’s not going to stop me from trying. Just like it didn’t stop all those before me.  So many before me did in fact come up with inspiring quilts we are still trying to copy.

What is new? The pattern is not the only thing, though it of itself it does set the tone but the colors chosen say so much. I’ve argued before that the quilting speaks loudest. But without the pattern and colors can the quilting have any room to speak?

Can I find a way to make quilts that when seen, people will know by seeing them it was influenced by me?  Is it colors or patterns or quilting that have the loudest voice for me? Does any of it really matter as long as those who receive the quilt use it?

I really don’t think so. It is the well used quilt that get the most of my attention now. Although the works of art do WOW me and yes I do emulate parts of them but in large part I strive to make quilts people will use and enjoy. I want to be the kind of quilter that makes quilts for people. The larger question is whether I can accomplish that! I sure hope so!



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2 responses to “Nothing New under the sun…

  1. I think making quilts that people will enjoy using is an art form, and much more satisfying than making art to hang on a wall.

    Judy B


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