Insomnia a good thing?

Insomnia = more quilting time!

I have insomnia often so I try to use this time to get more quilting done. But because of the inherent by-products of insomnia are short attention span and confusion I have come up with a few rules.

  • No cutting fabric between the hours of 2am and 6 am
  • No “new” changes to the pattern I’ve chosen

I have difficulty even without insomnia so there is also a sign hanging from the door jamb stating “No talking during cutting or measuring! ” I’m not sure why but my children inevitably come into my quilt room while I am cutting fabric. I once cut out an entire quilt 3/4″ off. Every strip! Yes, I use tape on the ruler so that won’t happen but I even moved the tape.

I have stopped wearing my i-pod too. Did you know that when old women sing along to rap it sounds like they’re being attacked from the other room?  And let’s just say when someone runs into the quilt room screaming at you at 3 am when you’ve got ear-buds in? That’s not a fun thing!


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One response to “Insomnia a good thing?

  1. I can totally relate! I have had to learn not to do certain things in the wee hours. Although, I’ve also started things that I would havenever done in my ‘awake’ mind hours that I was SO pleased with too. I can cut out patterns, but no sewing. I can crochet if there are not too many changes to be counted in the pattern. Ripples become waves otherwise…


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