Someone has been in my Quilt Room!

My quilt room is seriously trashed! I mean seriously! I don’t know how it happened. We moved in here about 18 months ago and it looks like I’m still in a state of remodeling.  

When we first moved here I put the quilting table together and found out the room was not big enough for it! So I did what any rational person would do. I had my DH cut a chunk out of the wall! I still haven’t finished it so it looks right. Then there’s the drywall patch above the electrical panel that was never finished.  In order to use my machine I have to pull it away from that wall or it hits the cabinets! Then there’s no room for the cutting table.

There’s scraps all over the floor. Where is the maid? Oh yeah, that’s me. But I’m on such a roll! I don’t want to stop to clean! It would hinder my creative process! Okay, so that’s a line but it sure sounded good! Yes, all the mess is slowing my creative process too. But don’t go all rational on me now. I had you at cutting the chunk out of the wall! I know I did.

So as soon as I finish my grand-dog quilt I have to clean this up. Maybe even get the new computer desk out of the closet (put there 18 months ago), naw I’ll save that for later. I wouldn’t want to rush into anything!.



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3 responses to “Someone has been in my Quilt Room!

  1. jennyklyon

    Perfectly logical to me! Gotta get a cleaning service-why waste precious quilting time on cleaning?


  2. supermom

    Just thought I’d stop by and thank you for taking the time to visit and post a comment.

    Oh and I am seriously envious of quilts you’re making for your dogs.


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