Quilt Inspiration

      Where do you get your inspiration? Sometimes I see a fabric and I can just see it in a certain quilt. I love two color quilts red & white, blue & white. Other times I see a quilt pattern and think oh my that would look good in certain colors. But here lately, I just punt!

       There are so many patterns out there that I just have to try. I’d hate to think I have gotten to the point that I am checking off a list. I need to infuse more of myself into my quilt making.  Yet, I’m still at the point that I want to try everything first.  I love embroidery, in fact it was a Victorian crazy quilt that I “had to make” that cemented my addiction to quilting.

In my other life I did so many different things. Machinist, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Home remodeling, I mean I have done some truly creative things. My DH and I are an amazing team. But time with Ataxia (SCA heriditary form) stopped that life. This house is evidence of that! After 18 months here we still aren’t done! We did get one bathroom finished. That’s something, right? (Before and after pics below.. BTW total cost $2400, yes that included everything, tile, fixtures, cabinet and even a new sub-floor!)

So back to the creative part, it’s not just the functionality of the quilt but the presentation. What style? What feeling will it represent? What are the colors and fabric choices saying? On the other hand, I have been known to throw one together. I have one I call my ugly quilt. It was all my practice squares from when I was trying to get better at the 1/4 inch seams. My plan was to try to make the ugliest quilt I could so I could keep it. I did not have one quilt to my name! I did keep it but don’t tell anyone cuz it’s really not ugly! 

So, I guess my inspiration comes from my life. Each day brings new experiences and even what I think will be ugly or hard brings me closer to where I need to be.


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