Grand Dog Quilt

Is this too fancy for a dog quilt? Or not fancy enough?

It’s for the best grand dog ever… so I’m leaning toward not fancy enough.

Her name is Elsie but we all call her Moomie she looks like a little cow. Only when she is still that is! She loves nap time so this quilt is just what she needs!


Any how it is one more check off my to-do list. Two more baby quilts, get that twin off the table and start my next queen. Oh yeah, my sis sent me a quilt that needs repair I’ve got to fit that in there. It is a perfect reminder that quality fabric matters! Cheap fabric falls apart. No I didn’t make the quilt, it’s one of those from a department store. You know the ones I’m talking about. I told her the whole thing is going to fall apart but she really likes the colors and I’m not about to offer to make her a king lone star quilt anytime soon!

Two weeks down on my blog a day challenge! I sure hope I get better at this! I gotta admit, it is keeping me focused.



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2 responses to “Grand Dog Quilt

  1. mcspannar

    all good dogs deserve a quilt of their own. i think it is fab.


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