Will Quilt for Fabric!

Have you seen those signs “Will Work for Food” well I make quilts for fabric! I don’t want to get rich I want to buy more fabric! It’s like being able to make quilts for free! 

I do real well when I make quilts people order and have a deadline but I haven’t sold any by order in a few years. Rehabbing this house has been our first priority. It’s livable now so, it’s time. Good thing cuz, I’m about out of quilts!

Lately when people called they could choose one I made and had on hand. I have one quilt left so it’s not as if you would have a choice. I like people to have a choice at least. Also I’m gearing back up to open a little spot on-line. I’ll need a few more quilts on hand for that.

I also love to make quilts for charity. I have made some really happy quilts. I don’t have any of those left either.

So I gotta get outta here and get some quilts completed. If I work my way through some of my stash I can go and buy more! And let’s face it, that is the goal here!


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