She scores!

We got our Bieber fabric!!                          But wait!

We stopped at a quilt shop and they had some really nice stuff! But of course we were looking for “Bieber purple” so I asked a girl (younger than me so that makes her a girl) for help finding solid purples. I explained we were looking for the color Justin usually wears. She said….

wait for it…

“I don’t know what a Justin Bieber is”

I thought my DD was going to come unhinged! We had to leave the store, I was afraid what my DD would do. She kept mumbling about being in the backwoods country. Saying she needed to get her i-pod out of the car to educate the poor girl. She even called her a girl (DD is 15)! She was probably in her twenties and had a real life. Family and friends, places to go and things to do.

I don’t know why it surprises us when people aren’t in tune with our interests. I would imagine the people at the music store don’t know who Eleanor Burns is. Though I’m sure they know Ricky Timms! So maybe not the best analogy…

Today I have to get our pattern done for the piecing while DD is at school. I’ll start our photo log of its creation and post a few tomorrow.

(BTW, I have to find my way back to that quilt shop! They had some Italian cotton that was breath-taking!)



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3 responses to “She scores!

  1. where did you get your bieber fabric from hun xxx


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