The Quest for Purple

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We’re still looking for the perfect purple for Mr Justin’s’ quilt. Have you ever got a color stuck in your head and you just can’t find it?  I had that problem a few years back finding a turkey red or ox blood. Now I can find those colors all over but when I wanted it?  It took forever!

We’re now in the Orlando area and on our way back home today. OKAY! I confess! We hit all the outlet malls and not one fabric store yet. Four pair of shoes and one out fit later we still need fabric! But the prices, you would have done the same! I have shopped more in the last two days than I have in the last three years! My DD is lovin’ it! We made this a family weekend and yes we all got shoes (Nike Outlet, duh!). DH loaded up on long sleeve t-shirts (he is always cold) and #3 son scored a bit too. 

So today is the day! We will find the perfect purple! We will score background fabric with a hint of purple! We will get Justin off the design wall and onto the sewing machine!  I can feel it in my bones!! Of course my bones are screaming at me to stop shopping and get home to my own bed but that’s a whole other story.



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3 responses to “The Quest for Purple

  1. Saree

    Have you tried Hawthorne Threads? Their online shop has a good colour grid for finding fabrics with the shade of colour you want to use. It’s the only place I’ve seen that feature. Good luck with your colour search!


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