“I’m on the verge of greatness here..” Now why did that statement illicit guffaws from my DH in the living room? I mean it could happen. Right?

Besides I wasn’t talking to him anyway! I was talking to the dogs! The dogs think this is their quilt room. I have to fight them for my sewing chair. Sometimes sewing with them on my lap. Which is difficult since Mo-Jo thinks he needs to see what I’m doin’.


 Besides I don’t laugh when he’s talkin’ to himself! It’s taken a while for me to realize that he’s not talking to me. Sometimes I still say “what?”. He tells everyone I don’t listen simply because I usually assume he’s talkin’ to himself and he has to repeat himself a few times. At least I’m talking to someone!

Back to my verge of greatness.. I may have exaggerated a little  but Mo and the girls they understand.


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One response to “Greatness???

  1. jennyklyon

    Looking forward to seeing the “greatness”!


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