Quilting makes the quilt!

DSC02775 White on white quilt feather

Image by godutchbaby via Flickr

I live by this motto.. although there are quilt tops out there you just can’t ignore, they are masterpieces in and of them selves. I can assure you though, I didn’t make them . So I stand with the quilting.

After quilting and binding I hold my breath as I take them out of the dryer. It’s amazing how much the quilting can in fact transform the top. What was once just standard becomes.. delicious! Even a simple stiple or background pattern can put the wow factor in there.

I’m still working on feather patterns and block patterns.. I get better each time I practice. I’m interested in thread painting too.  It adds depth that simple patterns don’t get across.

I think the quilting does finish off the quilt with the ability to unify the design and fabric into the message the quilter is looking for…



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2 responses to “Quilting makes the quilt!

  1. patchkat

    What a wonderful kaleidoscope quilt! I love that pattern and your color choices!


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