Baby Blocks and such

A quilt , one of those stupid puzzle balls and a six inch block, all coordinating. Okay, I used minky fabric as an accent and for those who have never used it, it’s a wonderful exersize in frustration! Oh my word! It is not just stretchy but it’s almost liquid. I will not use it without stabilizer again!

Have you ever done that? I just wanted to try a couple of things. I’ve never made those puzzle balls and if you take out the fact I used minky I actually got the hang of them rather quickly. Of course I sewed it together so it wasn’t a puzzle. Don’t even ask, I didn’t get it until it was sewn. DUH!

Again I’m behind the learning curve on these things. I have a stash of flannel fabric but haven’t used it much in a quilt. I’ve used it as backing, made toys etc but ya know it sews up pretty delicious. Flannel is not just for rag quilts!

I’m actually having a ball here making baby quilts. I’m gonna make a couple more of those puzzle balls and this time put them together so they’re actually puzzles! But first I have to finish the borders and quilt this one!

In case you’re wondering my daily musings? I’ve set a post a day challenge for myself. Not that any of it will be interesting but it gets me creating!


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