Quilt Shows

I can hardly wait for the Quilt Shows to begin. Unfortunately I can’t go to them all. I’ve spent the last hour trying to decide if one of the “Big Shows” is in my budget this year. Maybe and this is a BIG maybe, Knoxville.. It’s a full days’ drive but do-able.

Meanwhile I have set up my calendar with the Florida shows. My guild is  having one this year too! WHOO HOO! I love to look at quilts! Actually I enjoy all the art shows in the area. I get so many ideas from them. The MainSail Art Festival in St Petersburg is breath-taking!

I went to Paducah last year. That was a humbling experience. I decided I’m not that kind of quilter, but I’m practicing. Of course I’ve seen yalls work and I’m not in your league either. You know that’s one of the things about quilting, it doesn’t matter which level you’re on. Beginner or expert we share a  kindred quilty spirit.



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2 responses to “Quilt Shows

  1. lizzyjo

    My Aunt and some friends of ours go to Paducah every year, love it! It’s a great show to see what everyone is up to quilting wiseI love looking at the quilts but i don’t ever see myself with a quilt hanging at “big” show!
    I do however love the small local shows so much more, i get to see quilts i have quilted hanging with a ribbon on them, so much more fun to brag about!


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