Stuck on quilting patterns

Longarm quilting machine with a quilt on the frame

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A lot of the quilters in my guild quilt by check. The professional quilter they use is really spectacular. She will do either hand guided or computer guided patterns. I often wonder why they usually choose an all over pattern.

I am a novice on the longarm but not to quilting patterns. It is truly limited only by your imagination. I do understand because of that trying to decide is probably the hardest part of quilting. Out of fear I end up stippling in areas I could have thread painted . I put so much work into my top, what if?

I’m trying to break that habit. I have a top on the table with lots of open areas. I named the quilt “Sun and Sand” so I want the quilting patterns to say that. I ended up have to draw my own sun pattern for the borders because I couldn’t find stencils out there that had the look I wanted. I thought I wanted starfish but changed my mind now I want sand dollars. I’m looking at pictures of sand dollars to decide if I can draw them on a continual line. I may end up stippling waves but I am at the least stretching myself. That is a start.

(BTW, that picture above is not my quilt room, I only wish it was! I have piles of crap everywhere and half the space.)


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