Buying a Sewing Machine is like buying a car!

Mopar Underground.

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Have you been shopping for a sewing machine lately?  The decision can not only follow you through your lifetime but it can end up handed down from generation to generation. Look at all the Featherweights out there!

We’ve all got our favorite make and model and of course the model we covet most. Whether Porshe (Bernina) or Cadillac (Babylock) make you swoon there is always a machine of our dreams and yes, it changes each year too. I’m a Mopar (Brother) girl myself but I also have a Chevy (Viking) in the garage.

Each year the manufacturers add new features they think we can’t live without. I remember when the embroidery units first came out. WOW, I still think that’s amazing! I’ve continually found something I had to have. Of course I didn’t get them until years later.

I have learned that just like buying a car it is not a decision to talk about in mixed company. You can’t tell a Ford guy you’re buying a Chevy and you can’t tell a Chevy guy you’re buying a Toyota. Tempers ignite over words like  faster, better or more dependable.

I can say that I don’t covet Porshe’s or Cadallac’s. I’m a Mopar girl all the way. Did you see the new Quattro? I just have to have it!


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