Which is the best way to shop?

I received a box of fabric yesterday. I love opening boxes of fabric! It’s like a surprise party! Sometimes I have no idea what color or quality I’m getting until I actually hold it in my hand. So there lies the quandary.

Do you order online and take your chances or go to the nearest big box fabric store or wait until you can go to a quilt store. I only have one true  quilt store near me now. I started going there when I could, it’s on the way to my doctor but they were rude the times I went. There is a sewing machine/fabric store I frequent but I can’t always find what I’m looking for.

My #1son argues that it is what is hurting the local economy, I disagree. I contend that local businesses should also have a web presence and that I as a consumer my responsibility is to buy things.

So back to the first question, color and quality… I’ve found that as long as I buy known fabric lines quality is not an issue. But color? There are a few sites out there that have a color matcher and I have had such good luck using them! I click on a spot of the fabric and it shows me all the other fabrics that match that color! It’s fun and I usually end up with too much fabric picked out. Could you imagine a store like that?

I was blessed  to go to Paducah for the Quilt show last year. The entire city is transformed, everyone I talked to who lives there had something nice to say. There are more fabric and quilting vendors there than you could imagine! It was four days of nothing but quilts, Heaven on earth! Fortunately the hotel had food because I kept forgetting to eat.

I definitely supported that local economy but I guess you would call those tourist dollars. I guess for me it comes down to service first then inventory. The quilt store I told you about earlier, it is actually a beautiful store with just about every line of fabric and some of their own. For me they are a last resort purchase, the sewing machine/fabric store I buy something every time I go whether I need it or not. But the bulk I buy online as my postal carrier can attest.


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