What a day!

It is a day of transitions today in the quilt room. “Ms. Thang” is invading my stash today to pick out fabric for Mr Bieber‘s quilt. I was informed last night it has to be the perfect shade of purple. I may not have that so, OH GOLLY we’d have to go to the fabric store. I’m still working on loading Sun & Sand on  Timmy’s table. Then Amish puzzle balls.

I’ve told you about my baby quilt quest. So here’s what I was thinking, I’ve got to make a set. I know, I know, y’all have been doing this all along but I’m a little slow on the uptake.

So back to those puzzle balls. They look very simple in concept but thirty-six pieces? Somehow I don’t think these will be my favorite toy to make. I am thinking a stuffed rabbit, everyone does bears. I do like the blocks and could have a good time with the embroidery machine on those. But first I’m ready to make puzzle balls. WHOO HOO! Not sure why I have it in my head I have to make them but it’s there now so why fight it.

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs out there have tutorials or step by step on their projects. I find it helpful sometimes and I like seeing pictures but most of what I do, it’s very basic. Cut accurately, sew as exact 1/4 inch seams as I can and figure the rest out as I go. Usually I don’t have a set pattern except in my head. Sometimes I don’t even have the fabric all picked out.

I have a confession, I have EQ5 and have never used it. I keep thinking it would really help especially with the way I concept quilts. But then I’d have to learn how to use it! I’m not sure I have that many brain cells left!


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